About the energy savings calculator

The DUETTE® energy savings calculator has been developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics (calculation of performance values of window coverings), the engineering firm Ingenieurbüro Prof. Dr. Hauser (energy savings calculation method) and cooperating IT companies, using a legitimate scientific method. The calculator, which is based on a complex simulation model, meets the high requirements of professional and energy-related building assessments (thermal/dynamic simulation is in accordance with DIN 4108-2: 2012).

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The calculation method for energy savings is based on the following factors:

  • Average use of the different types of buildings/homes and living areas.
  • Data regarding the average dimensions of different types of rooms and windows.
  • Structural components that reflect the insulating capacity of average buildings.
  • The weather conditions reflected in the calculation are based upon the climate of the city of Potsdam, Germany. Potsdam reflects the average weather conditions in Germany.

We have used the following values in order to determine the performance of individual fabrics:

  • The delta R-values of fabrics, which were calculated by the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics.
  • The Fc-values resulting from window glazing in combination with window coverings.

The simplified calculation method used for this energy calculator calculates the actual performance of our products under specific circumstances. For professional building assessments the exact values and circumstances of each individual case (for example: the location, the exact window and room dimensions and structural components used) must be considered when calculating the potential energy savings. Therefore, Hunter Douglas cannot guarantee the outcome of this calculator and assumes no liability for the achievement of the energy savings potential projected in the calculator.